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I have just installed the latest version of openLCA (openlca- and I cannot open any database, either previously installed or just downloaded. The software wants to update the format of the 1.5 database to the 1.6 format and this generates an error making the database unusable. I have at least six colleagues who have also run into this problem, either with the latest version or the previous one (openlca- Is this a problem with the software or with our computers? Can we fix this on our side?
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Jean-Francois Menard
CIRAIG - Polytechnique Montreal
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Hello Jean-Francois,
sorry to hear that but I am not sure I fully understand; in release candidate versions of 1.6, there were errors thrown during the update, e.g. due to missing quality systems, but - according to our tests - these do not occur any more in 1.6.2. Which database(s) are you trying this with? Feel free to contact us directly.
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We do not recommend to use openLCA 1.6 anymore.