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Hi OpenLCA forum. Do you have any example or tutorial on how to model waste. For example, I have modeled the production process of a reinforced concrete structure already. As I want to study the whole life cycle of my project, I would like to include the disposal part.

For instance, I want to allocate 42% of steel waste to recycling and the other 58% on waste treatment. At the same time, the 30% of concrete waste is recycled and the remaining 70 % is going to land fill. I cannot find a good documentation on waste modelling from your manual. I want to make sure that I am doing the correct modelling procedure in Open LCA. I am in need of urgent help. Thanks very much in advance.
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Hi, that is a good question. So far, you need to model waste treatment as a service; we follow here some existing databases like ecoinvent (and I agree this is not too intuitve at first).
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"Does that mean I have to model all the waste treatment processes in the input"

not really - if you check any ecoinvent waste treatment process, there this principle that I tried to describe is already applied. For your own processes, if a process is creating waste, and this waste goes to another process for treatment, the waste treatment process, then you should model it so that the waste treatment process delivers a service (treatment of 1kg waste) to the process where the waste is created, and in this process, the waste treatment service is input. You should change the sign to preserve the mass balance; the process producing waste thus has input of -1kg waste treatment service (for example), which is provided by the waste treatment process.