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Hello! I`m just starting to use openLCA 1.5 and I`m following the case study of the PET bottle, I already installed it and I wanted to get more familiarized with the software by following this case example. But when I have reached the part of CREATING A NEW PROCESS for A Water Bottle (point 4.1 in the Basic Modelling pdf.) in the section where it says ``Quantitative Reference`` there is not my previous ``A Water Bottle`` FLOW created...

I`m not sure if it`s an internal problem of the software (bug?) but I cannot manage to find any type of Quantitative Reference created in my FLOWS to be able to create a NEW PROCESS...

Anybody help? :)
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"there is not my previous ``A Water Bottle`` FLOW created..." - what do you mean?
Thank you for a clarification,
Hi Andreas! I post a Screenshot of my inquiry, but after another few intents, I realize this was happening because I didn`t specify my Flows as ``Products`` so after changing this everything run through smoothly :)