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I am very new to OpenLCA and ecoinvent. I am trying to complete the tutorial found here. I imported ecoinvent 2.2 LCIA methods and was able to successfully complete steps 1 and 2, getting suck on the 3rd step.  When I'm trying to put in the input flows (Table 1) I am not seeing the first input, compost loading under inputs. I am assuming this is because the incorrect database was imported but I am not sure. 

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? If I should use ecoinvent 2.2 and not ecoinvent 2.2 LCIA methods then how can I download and import version 2.2?

Thank in advance!

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Hi Epwilson, nice to read that you were able to solve your issue! Don't hesitate to share your solution/answer with us if you would like to. Best, Jonas

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Ah yes, of course. Thanks for the reminder, Jonas.

I had previously purchased ecoinvent but did not connect my account in Nexus. Therefore, I was only able to download free databases, which did not include all the flows necessary to complete the Viticulture case study. Once I downloaded ecoinvent 2.2, I was able to locate most of the inputs as seen on page 4 of the case study. However, I was not able to locate "compost" and "horn meal."  I am still troubleshooting this issue.
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I guess you are aware of the search field in the top right corner of openLCA? If the respective flows are in the database, you should be able to locate them via the search field. Click on the little black arrow to specifiy for what (e.g. flow, process, etc) you would like to search.