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I would like to know which free databases are the best for the assessment of the construction material circularity of a building in the United Kingdom (UK)?

Some data that I need from the database are steel beams & columns, concrete slabs, windows, sheathing board (Gypsum and Oriented Strand Board).

I can see the following free databases on the website of Nexus OpenLCA that I can download and use within OpenLCA:

  1. IMPACT World
  2. Environmental Footprints
  3. OzLCI2019
  4. exiobase
  5. ARVI
  6. Agribalyse
  7. NEEDS
  8. ELCD
  9. BioenergieDAT
  10. OpenLCA LCIA Methods

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Dear Pellegrina,

In my opinion, you should take various free databases to model your building as the free databases are not so complete.

I advise you to begin with (in order of preference): 

  1. Environmental Footprints
  2. NEEDS
  3. ELCD
Have a nice LCA,
Florent Blondin