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Hello everyone!

I'm relatively new to OpenLCA and this is my situation:

I'm comparing the CO2 impacts of the assembly of different electronic devices. I have defined the assembly in different processes in OpenLCA, based on data from the EcoInvent database. I'm not interested in midpoint or endpoint indicators, but in "pure" CO2 emissions emitted in the upstream processes (so no CO2eq, or GWP). 

To get the "pure" CO2 emissions I run the simulation of a product system without applying an LCIA method, which gives me a long list of elementary flow emissions. In this list, about 10 different types of CO2 emissions are listed (e.g. carbon dioxide, fossil, low population density; or carbon dioxide, non-fossil, high population density).

My question: In order to get the total emissions associated with my process, do I simply take the sum of all these different CO2 emissions?

To me this seems logical, but I haven't found any info to confirm that this is indeed the right way. I'd love to know if this is correct, or if whether there is a different way of getting the same result.

Thanks in advance! Vince

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Yes. Or you can create your own custom LCIA method and add all the appropriate carbon dioxide flows to that method, with a factor of 1.