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In openLCA, is it not possible to calculate the LCA result by separating the upstream and the cores stream as attached picture? Please help, me.

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Hi, good question, you see this:

- for the process, aggregated over all occurences of the process in the life cycle model, in the sankey diagram

- for one "branch" in the life cycle model, in the contribution tree (direct impact of the process is impact minus sum of the entries below this process)

- and the direct impacts only in the impact analysis sheet in the process editor.

A distinction of foreground and background system (if rather this was your question) is possible via tags, we will explain this in more detail for the new version.

Hth, Andreas

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Hi Andeas,

thanks for mentioning the "tag" functionality and the new openLCA version!

Can you tell me, if the function is already fully functional in version 01.11.? I ran some tests and assigned tags to processes within the product system but could not find a way to make use of them during the analysis of the results.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards,