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Hi, I am Maziar Ramezani. I am a graduate student and I got output from both Simapro and OpenLCA software for my work. My database is Ecoinvent for a couple of software. I used IMPACT2002 v2.15 for Simapro and IMPACT2002 v2.14 for OpenLCA. The characterization results for both software  are approximately the same. But that does not hold true to the normalized values. I wanted to know the reason why the normalized results of OpenLCA software yields very different values than Simapro, is there a special reason?? For example, in Simapro normalized global warming is equal to 0.178 Pt, while in OpenLCA it shows the number 1.7e7. For all other environmental effects with the identical characterization, the normalization number in OpenLCA is strangely higher than that of Simapro. Can I know the reason?


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