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Hi all, my name is Alessandro and I am an LCA practitioner. I would like to know why I have differences in carbon footprint results when assessing the same ecoinvent dataset with OpenLCA and Simapro and is there any way to know how to solve that problem?

I would really appreciate some help

Also I have another question, in Simapro, in Recipe method there is an impact category called Water consumption, but in OpenLCA Recipe method has an impact category called Water depletion. i understand both are different but I would like to know how to implement in OpenLCA the water consumption impact category.

Thanks in advance!!
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I've found this with GaBi and OpenLCA. To understand, I went through the top 95% of controbutors to each impact. If you do this, you'll probably find mistakes in both software packages.

Also, it depends on which impact category you are using for your carbon footprint, IPCC 2007 (AR4) and IPCC 2013 (AR5) can give results approx 10% different for more methane intensive processes, for example. Also, IPCC 2013 impacts were implemented differently across software packages within LCA, which leads to minor differences in the results.
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Hi Climetria, the difference in results, if at all, should be minor not major. If there is a major difference, please let us know.

Regarding the LCIA method. You can open and edit LCIA methods and categories if you unfold Indicators and parameters -> Impact assessment methods in the openLCA navigation window. Select an existing LCIA method or create a new one and add impact categories to which you can then assign flows via the tab "impact factors".

I hope this helps.