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Hi all, my name is Alessandro and I am an LCA practitioner. I would like to know why I have differences in carbon footprint results when assessing the same ecoinvent dataset with OpenLCA and Simapro and is there any way to know how to solve that problem?

I would really appreciate some help

Also I have another question, in Simapro, in Recipe method there is an impact category called Water consumption, but in OpenLCA Recipe method has an impact category called Water depletion. i understand both are different but I would like to know how to implement in OpenLCA the water consumption impact category.

Thanks in advance!!
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Hi Climetria, the difference in results, if at all, should be minor not major. If there is a major difference, please let us know.

Regarding the LCIA method. You can open and edit LCIA methods and categories if you unfold Indicators and parameters -> Impact assessment methods in the openLCA navigation window. Select an existing LCIA method or create a new one and add impact categories to which you can then assign flows via the tab "impact factors".

I hope this helps.