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Hi, I have imported the database Environmental Footprint 3.1 from Ecoinvent, plus the Assessment methods Ecoinvent 3.9.1 into the software Openlca 2.0.1, with the goal of obtaining GHG emission factors for different products. However, values for Global Warming Potential yield 0 for all the products and all the methodologies that I tried in those packages. This is not the case when I use an assessment methodology out of the package: I tried with the Environmental Footprint one (7c122634-f88e-381e-be4b-a102078a0803) and works ok. There seems to be an issue with the methods in the Assessment methods Ecoinvent 3.9.1 package.

Any clue on how to make that package work?
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You obtain 0 for impact calculations because the flows in the methods do not fit to the flows in the EF database. For the same reason, you will get results with the EF LCIA method, using the EF database. The EF database has quite some issues in itself though, we will release a clean, combined version soon (only final final tests here).