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I've never used openLCA and I am trying to calculate the environmental impacts generated by a particular process, where the disposal of a certain waste is in the water.

In this process, as inputs were inserted:

- the energy consumption of the equipment that will carry out the waste disposal;

- the composition/formulation of the residue.

And as an output:

- the flow created by me with the kg of waste discarded.

It is worth mentioning that, as I didn't find all flows in a single database, I did some imports.

With these inputs and outputs mentioned earlier, I didn't get any results. All impact categories return zero, which doesn't seem right to me, because all of these inputs have an impact on the environment.

I inserted the calculation method that best suited my scenario (this choice was made through data surveys in the literature). However, as I didn't get a result, I did some tests with other methods and, even so, the results continued to be zero.

Given this situation, I calculated the emissions from the equipment's energy consumption, which generated results for me. However, there are still no results related to the contribution of each chemical component of the waste in the water.

Therefore, my question is related to the non-contribution of this input (chemicals that it contains in the discarded waste). Where am I going wrong? Do I have to calculate the emissions of each chemical inserted, as I did for energy consumption? Isn't the software that calculates theses emissions? Because I selected in the input flows that would be emission to water.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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