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Is there anyone knows why my impact analysis results are all zero ?
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Hm this could have various reasons, e.g.,
- your product system (does not have emissions or resource depletion for some categories)
- not the fitting LCIA method pack (ecoinvent LCIA for non ecoinvent database)
- a database that does not contain elementary flows (such as OEKOBAUDAT).
Not all of your impact analysis results are zero, but all are below zero it seems from your picture. You would need to provide more details if you want a more specific reply, but maybe you can also figure out yourself.
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I have the same problems for some of my processes in my product system, I tried follow your suggestions above but cannot find whats wrong. This is only for two of the processes in the product system (also, these do not show any impacts when running calculations of these separately, not even inputs of for example" diesel, burned in agricultural machinery | diesel, burned in agricultural machinery | APOS, U" show any impacts in these processes).  

Any suggestions on how to solve this?