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Within the Analysis results from an LCA calculation, a pedigree matrix is given by every result. How is this calculated from the pedigree matrices of the input data?


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Hi Tom, the uncertainty is calculated based on the value in the Uncertainty column of the Inputs/Outputs table of a process. You can assign a value manually or use the value from the Data quality entry column (Pedigree matrix; when you have the Pedigree matrix open, scroll down and select Use as uncertainty value). You can define the uncertainties for the pedigree matrix under Indicators and parameters - Data quality systems - <the respective DQ system> - Scroll down to the section Uncertainties.


Sorry, - after re-reading your question I think my answer does not really match your question. Yes, the scores are calculated from the pedigree scores in the Inputs/Outputs table of a process. When you calculate the results of a product system select "Assess data quality". If you then click on "Next" before calculating the results, you can specify how the DQ scores are calculated.

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Hi Juan, I am doing an LCA for Shampoo as well - would you mind sharing your process and results with me? would be very helpful