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I just imported all my inputs and outputs for my process and I made a product system as well. But at the end I get nothing when I press the calculation. The page with diagrams open but I get no Result/ Number/ Data. 

Can anyone maybe help me what could be my problem?

best regards 

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For the other people with the same problem, I would like to share how I finally managed to get results from OpenLCA. Well I made another Process and just copied and pasted all the inputs and outputs and it worked. I would say maybe because I made this process like a month ago it was not valid and did not function.

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As always (since you are not the first to ask this):

- either your product system consists of only one process or very few processes that do not have any environmental impacts (check the product system statistics to see how many processes you have, check the inventory in the calculation to see if you have elementary flows there);

- or your LCIA method does not fit to your database; you see this for each single process also, in the LCIA impacts sheet, if you have impacts in categories that you expect, or not.


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Thank you Andreas I just checked my product-system. I have 16 Providers and 1 recipient in my model graph. and the LCIA was the same for all of my process and I did not face any problem with them. I just checked the inventory results as you mentioned the all of them are Zero although I did imported my inputs and outputs correctly in the system. can you tell what can be my problem?

thank you