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What is the ReCiPe Method version from the ecoinvent v.3.3 LCIA methods database? I notice that there is no publication available for it so I am not sure about the version.
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Do you recommend using the ecoinvent v.3.3 LCIA methods for the calculation of data based on Eco invent? Or should I use the methods from openLCA LCIA methods 1.5.6? ReCiPe method seems to exist on both, I would like to know what is the difference.

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Hi, the ecoinvent methods are provided as we receive them from the ecoinvent centre, and useful e.g. to reproduce the ecoinvent LCIA results. For our own method pack, we are
a) considering other databases than ecoinvent (not relevant if you are using only ecoinvent but if you are using other databases, evidently)
b) updating the methods, documenting them (see the different documents in https://nexus.openlca.org/documents, for openLCA LCIA methods), and modifying them to some extent (e.g., adding parameters to allow changing organic carbon calculation)
I hope this helps?
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Thank you for the updated answer. I am looking forward for the eco invent response. Please notify me for further updates.
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I think it is the one corresponding to the 2013 update of the method Recipe 2008. https://goo.gl/J6Gpxn
good luck