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There were differences in the exchange of impact indicator results with one project partner. I used ecoinvent v3.3 for openLCA v1.7 with the ecoinvent v3.3 LCIA methods (v1.7) and a project partner v1.5 for both databases. Data sets created by me delivered significantly different results for Land use. This is due to different elementary flows in LCI and LCIA database v1.5 of ecoinvent v3.3, so that when importing the LCIA methods the flows used in the database are not mapped due to different UUIDs. This behaviour was checked with the current versions on NEXUS. The LCIA methods for ecoinvent v3.3 for openLCA v1.5 should be removed from NEXUS or corrected.

It is similar with ecoinvent v3.5 for openLCA v1.7 - wrong mapping of at least land use flows.
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Dear Heidi,

thank you for your comment. While it is a bit historic (the LCIA method pack you mention is > 3 years old, we have with every ecoinvent version a new one, and especially the land use category was discussed here already several times and was indeed incorrect in past versions, but is now fixed), and in addition we recommend our own openLCA pack and not the econivent pack that we are providing more for reference, we saw that we do not yet have a central place where users can provide input for the methods, and have created this now; it is now in internal tests and I hope we can release it in the next two weeks or so.

So, thank you for your post. If I may, however, one addition: It is useful for everybody in these questions and posts to be concrete. "there were differences in results" is not concrete and does not allow us to fix a possible mistake (or otherwise reply to it), but here this is probably not needed.

Thank you again, Andreas