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Hello all,

I have developed new specific indicators and impact categories for my social hotspot analysis. Now I would like to integrate them into the existing processes of PSILCA, but I'm not completely sure how to do it correctly. The conducted steps were as follows: 

  • Creation of new social indicator
  • Creation of according social flow
  • Adjustment of social Impact Weighting method by creating the according impact category
  • Add the new indicator and flow into the social aspects tab respectively the input/output tab. 

Is this the right way to proceed? Is there anything else I need to consider when adding my own indicators to PSILCA?

What if the indicators are specific to a certain process and can only be applied to the use phase, for example, but not to the production phase? My approach would simply be to set the indicators that do not go with the process to "NA".

Your help is much appreciated! 

Best Regards 

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Hi, good question, not so easy to answer - you would basically need to apply the new indicator "everywhere" in the database, so for one you need to know where the indicator should appear, i.e. in which processes it should be listed (maybe in all), and then of course the indicator value in each of these processes, and the risk assessment. In principle your steps are correct but you will need to also add the indicator to the input/output sheet (with risk assessment, if you do not plan to use direct calculation only), as fifth bullet, and then of course do these second two bullets for all processes. If you want, we can do these last two steps for you (via a script, for a small fee then) - let us know (e.g. via the contact form from the PSILCA website). Thank you!