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Dear openLCA team,

In the context of my master thesis I use openLCA for a LCSA of a photovoltaic plant. For the social sustainability dimension, I was provided with the PSILCA database. But I am struggling to find a suitable start for the analysis/modeling.

Is there an existing case study detailing the use of the PSILCA database in openLCA, or perhaps even an existing product system that includes a photovoltaic system in terms of social sustainability modeling? Or how do I start a social process for the product system of a photovoltaic plant?

thanks in advance!
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Hi, there are some cases studies in the greendelta resources page (https://www.greendelta.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Presentation_S_LCA_E_LCA_Tshirt.pdf, https://www.greendelta.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/SLCA_Presentation_Nicaragua.pdf) not PV systems but the principle is of course the same. Basically you need to define, for your foreground system, the products that are exchanged through the supply chains and life cycle, make a process for each step that you want to model, producing a product in each process (or treating waste), and then you need to assign social impacts to these processes, ideally of course in line with the social indicators addressed in PSILCA; and then you link foreground processes to background from PSILCA to complete your modeling, using prices as PSILCA processes exchange products in prices.

Success, Andreas