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Dear GreenDelta Team,

unfortunately I have a problem with the PSILCA Developer database "Work hour" V3.

I could open the database lately without any problems, work with it, do calculations etc. Despite high processing power (256 GB RAM of the computer and 90,000 or 200,000 MB max. memory usage in the program) it was never very fast. However, the funny thing is that day by day it became slower, openLCA hung up more and more often.

In the meantime I cannot open the database at all. The error message "Could not get the version from the database. Is this an openLCA database?" appears. The error log shows the following messages:

ERROR - org.openlca.core.database.derby.DerbyDatabase - Failed to create database connection


ERROR - org.openlca.core.database.DbUtils - failed to get the database version

I have not changed the location of the database, renamed it or anything like that. There is enough memory available. I also still have access to the folder where the program and the libraries are stored. The problem occurred within openLCA version 1.10.3, but also with 1.11. the same errors come up.

What could be the reason for this?

I had the same problem a few weeks ago. Together with the IT department I uninstalled openLCA, re-downloaded the database and loaded it into openLCA. Then everything worked again. However, my data was gone. I would not like to go this way again.

I am grateful for any help!
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When you work long time with a databse, you should clean it from time to time by compressing it,

There are some tricks if you cannot access your database any more, you can send us an email and we can have a look together.

Btw., regarding the impressive computer you have, we can now, with the direct calculation, analyse the PSILCA developer database with about 30 GB RAM, and this should work for you as well.

So please send me an email, or you have a backup database that you can still access and compress it.

All the best,