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Im trying to evaluate which methods to use, but can find no information that specifies which indicators are calculated by which methods. Can anyone point me in the right direction for some documentation or other help? I need to calculate:

Climate change total – GWP -total

Climate change – fossil GWP – fossil

Climate change – biogenic GWP – biogenic

Climate change – land use and land use change GWP – luluc

Ozone depletion ODP – kg CFC 11 eq

Acidification - mol H+ eq

Eutrophication aquatic fresh water - kg P eq

Eutrophication aquatic marine - kg N eq

Eutrophication terrestrial - mol N eq

Photochemical ozone formation - kg NMVOC eq

Depletion of abiotic resources - kg Sb eq

Depletion of abiotic resources – fossil fuels - MJ net calorific value

Water use - m3 world eq deprived

Particulate matter emissions

Ionising radiation, human health - Disease incidence

Ionising radiation, human health - kBq U@#% eq

Ecotoxicity (freshwater) - CTUe

Human toxicity, cancer - CTUh

Human toxicity, non-cancer - CTUh

Land use related impacts / soil quality - dimensionless

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Thanks so much Bernhard. Best wishes.