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Is there a way to add a new material-flow  from EPD Editor to my DataBase ( and, another question: are all the life cycle stages values ( from A to D ) of all the EPDs or flows taken into account for the calculation? Or just A1-A3?

Thanks !
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To your first point: sure, this is possible, the database is not write protected? I am not sure I understand your second question, maybe you can rephrase it (edit your question)? Thank you. And sorry for the delayed reply.
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Hi, I have found the info in the documents of Okobaudat manual open lca, page 17, cradle to grave, but I still do not understand, why it is recommended "unit process" modeling and validation, when I want to calculate the whole life cycle. Should not be "system process" instead? or in the case of Okobaudat is different?

Or is there a problem with the quantities of flows/materials? I have an output of 91.4 t and input of 100.4 tons aprox., does it make sense?  Actually, 91.4 t It is the same value I put in Product Systems, General Information, Reference, Target Amount 91.4 Unit t.
I am sying this also, because, after calculation, when I change the quantities of the flows/materials, I save, and I calculate again, I do not see any changes in the results.

The LCIA default "Okobaudat", does not show up after Okobaudat installation, like in the manual says, in the Indicators and Parameters, Impact assessment metods,tab. Only Environmental Footprint indicator ( mid-point ) shows up. At the same time, in the Okobaudat manual says choose "none" in the calculation properties, impact assessment method tab when calculating. Which is the correct way to calculate then? May I use the LCIA methods ( any of them ) with Okobaudat? I cannot see this information in the manual...

Thank you! - I hope is more understable now :)