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While importing a DataBase ( .zip format ) I get the following message error: "cannot get flow".

Is there a way to fix this? is it a problem to get that message, because it seems most of the database is imported...?, how may I know if some flows are missing, maybe if I unzip de DataBase and I check it? I have read already all the manuals, and the method for importing is:

Create New DataBase, Import, File Import, ILCD, select zip file from my folder.

When I validate the DataBase, this error shows up:

Description Path

Errors (359 in 359 models)

Thanks a lot

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Yes, that is because the provided zip file (from oekobadat.de) does not contain these flows (and some other elements), and is thus incomplete. When you open the ILCD file, you see the URLs to e.g. flows in the 'flows' subfolder, and openLCA is looking for these flows there, and they are not present in the zip package. There is some discussion (with Sphera) that these flows etc. are not needed because they are anyhow in the GaBi software, but the zip archive itself is incomplete, and openLCA expects it to be complete (which I think makes sense).

We will have a much nicer way to handle EPD datasets in openLCA 2, where EPD and calculation result are new objects.
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Thanks so much for the information! Marie