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I'm a newbie to OpenLCA so after downloading, unzipping and importing databases I followed the PET bottle example to learn the system but in my database there were no options Provider in Input flow.

I'm using 1.7.0 version and imported entire exported zolca files from openlca nexus.

Without this the impact assessment doesn't show any results. What should I do?


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I, too, am having this problem.  I followed the instructions in the document you reference, Jonas, but when I get to the image at the top of page 11, my window for the PET Granulate Production Process, my Provider column is completely blank.  It does not match the image at the top of page 11.

If I have to start over from the beginning, I can do that, but I'd prefer to understand what the problem is first.  Thanks.

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Hi Jonas,

After it didn't work out, I deleted the database and redone all the steps and they worked. Just in case, I downloaded the datasets and impact methods again; imported them to the new database.

Thank you.

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Hi ET, that is good news. Thank you for sharing your answer!