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Hello LCAcommunity,

If I create a process from flows stored in the selected database and calculate the emissions of the corresponding product system with, for example, the Recipe Midpoint (H) impact assessment method, the contributions to impact category results are listed according to the flows. However, if I add a self-created flow to the process (characterisation factors also added in the impact assessment method), the corresponding emissions of this flow are shown in the diagram by name as emissions of the entire process. Is there a possibility that the emissions of the self-created flow are only assigned to this flow itself and not to the whole process?

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I am not sure I fully get your question, but if you have created a new flow and added it to the respective LCIA methods, then this will show up in the calculation result, provdided the process where you have added the flow is also part of your system and contributing (e.g., as you probably describe, you see the flow in the inventory result).

An easy way to check whether a flow in a process is "picked up" by an impact category is to go into the 'impact analysis' sheet of the process, and select the impact category. You should then also see your flow contributing.