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Hi guys,

I'm trying to do a Life Cycle Assessment for myself. I was trying to go for a citybike. I found datasets on ecoinvent for the production, maintenance and end of life (inspired by the bike-sharing case study). But since Ecoinvent wants a licence in order to import it into openLCA, I was wondering if it makes sense when I look on the Unit Process Exchanges, Exchanges Properties and Parameters one by one and type them manually into my own database in openLCA? Or should I look for another product that i can assess with help of a free database?
What would you recommend me to do? I really like the bike idea, but I cant find any other databases than Ecoinvent.

Every help is much appreciated!
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What you describes sounds really cumbersome, I would recommend using the openLCA version (and of course, buy the license directly from Nexus, for the same price as from ecoinvent).