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Hello everyone, if anyone could help me with a problem that has been bugging me for a while, I'd be much thankful. Also, I googled and searched for similar problems in the forum but didn't find anything conclusive, so if it is too basic, I apologize.

I've been performing an LCA in OpenLCA with Ecoinvent processes and using ReCiPe 2016 as the LCIA method. My question is, "how do normalization and weighting systems work?". Because I tried exporting and calculating myself, and it did not match the results proposed by OpenLCA.

For instance, the "ReCiPe 2016 World I/A" characterization factor for "fossil resource scarcity" is 3.22E-5. In my mind, it makes sense to multiply my result (endpoint values) for the same impact category by this factor, as all my resource scarcity figures are much higher.

OpenLCA divides my results by the factor, obtaining essentially bigger results. For instance, resource scarcity is up in the E+7 figures, while any other result is down to E-10. I.e., my second and final question is: "is this factor, which is included in OpenLCA starting package, inverted (1/X)?".

Again, I appreciate any comments, and I apologize if the question is too simple or has been already clarified.
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