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Dear Community,

the explanation of "avoided waste" in the manual Open LCA V1.10, chapter 5.3, pages 48-49 is not clear to me:
In Fig. 58 "bottle waste" is checked as "avoided waste". This is for my understanding because the "bottle waste" is used as an input in the "PET Granulate Production" process. This means to me, the bottle waste is recycled to become raw material for new bottles.
 However, Fig. 59 depicts the "bottle Waste" as Output of "PET Granulate Production".

Why this? "PET Granulate Production" converts fresh plastics and wasste bottle into Granlate. I also did not get, why this menas an expense in the Cost coulm as stipulated in the manual. I would expect a credit for accepting the waste in my PET Granulate Production Process.

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