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I would like to know which LCIA methodology in openLCA includes 'Bluewater consumption' in absolute value without scarcity factor multiplication. Unit kg or m3
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So blue water is e.g. defined as

Volume of surface and groundwater consumed as a result of the production of a good or service. Consumption refers to the volume of freshwater used and then evaporated or incorporated into a product. It also includes water abstracted from surface or groundwater in a catchment and returned to another catchment or the sea. It is the amount of water abstracted from groundwater or surface water that does not return to the catchment from which it was withdrawn.

(from https://www.waterfootprint.org/water-footprint-2/glossary/)

-> basically you need to make a net calculation, input water minus output water to river or ground water.

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I need to know the same thing please.
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can you please not formulate this as an answer to a question, but instead as a comment, next time - thank you