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I am trying to use openLCA in a linux machine with OS fedora 37. When I try to run the openLCA.exe file I get the following error message: 

211Framework stop - Equinox Container: 67e486d0-e636-4592-8feb-6d1761c093e8INFOorg.openlca.app.rcp.RcpActivatorClose database

Any advice to fix this will be much appreciated.


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Ok, and what does the log file say? Thank you..
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Hi, thanks!
This is what the log file says:

Time: 211   
Thread: Framework stop - Equinox Container: 67e486d0-e636-4592-8feb-6d1761c093e8
Level: INFO   
Category: org.openlca.app.rcp.RcpActivator
Message: Close database

Thank you