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I am experiencing some strange behaviour in process inventory input after using the bulk-replace tool. I builded this database using ecoinvent data downloaded directly from their site. However, today I`m using the nexus ecoinvent database, and I imported the previous database to the nexus one.

I saw that the imported processes did not share the same flows (because of the ID/UUID naming in ecoinvent 3.3), so I could not choose among diferent providers in nexus database.
To solve that, I tried the new bulk-replace tool (thank you for that, really useful!), and it changed all the flows that didn`t match to the nexus flows.

Now, the problem is that openLCA don`t allows me to change/chose the provider in the process` input list. Sometimes it open a provider list, other times, it does not open (don`t show the list). Also, when I save the process, it show an error (link below).


The problem could be related with the amount of process I changed flows, more or less 100, but I don`t know if this can be related.
I read in another post, a suggestion to change the flows directly via python programming, however, in this case, would you share some example or string to do that?

Thank you very much,
Gustavo Moraga
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Hi Gustavo,
First, apologies, I edited your dropbox link, please post pictures directly to the post, as attachment - a combination of orignal ecoinvent data and the ecoinvent database from Nexus is really not recommended; we apply a couple of modifications to the original data before releasing it. Using the replace script for many processes consumes indeed some memory but you can check whether (compared to your computer) too much memory is consumed. However, I would wonder whether the combination is at all making sense. We have a growing set of python scripts on github, here: https://github.com/GreenDelta/openlca-python-tutorial. If you have created also one or several python scripts that you consider useful please get into contact with us, thank you!