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I am having some issues with the bulk-replace tool.  Maybe I am missing something, but I am not seeing a full path name for the replacement flows to be selected, and it is causing some issues with mis-replacing flows.  For instance, when I import an ILCD process from GaBi, the import creates flows with no attributes (i.e. carbon dioxide with no associated impacts).  I want to replace these created flows with existing flows with attributes, but when I select them with the bulk-replace tool, I can't see which of the flows I am selecting outside of the first child category in the folder structure.  As an example, if I wanted to replace the unattributed carbon dioxide flow with an elementary flow with attributes, the replace selection will only show Elementary flows/Emissions to air/carbon dioxide flows, without showing which flow is attributable to unspecified, high pop. density, low pop. density, or any of the other child categories under the emissions to air folder.  If the wrong one is selected, I don't feel comfortable trying to re-replace these flows, as I'm risking affecting processes outside of the ILCD imported processes now that I have done a replace with elementary flows.  Is there a way to specify this path, or do I need to develop a script to ensure that I am getting the right path?  Or is there another suggestion for dealing with this?  Hopefully this all makes sense.  Thank you.
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You are right, right now this is not shown and there is no way (in the bulk-replace) to see this information. So you would indeed need to use your own script to ensure correct mapping.

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