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To perform an LCA on a welding process with the GaBi Professional database, I use "Steel Wire Rod" as the electrode material.
The "Steel Wire Rod" process has several supplier processes including "Besam Automatic Revolving Door". To me this process doesn`t make much sense in the process of producing a steel wire. The "Besam Automatic Revolving Door" process also dominates by far over all the other processes when it comes t impact on the LCA. When I delete the process from the product system I obtain results that are similar to what we had calculateted previously with the GaBi software.
So did the process end up as a supplier for the "steel wire rod" process by accident?
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Hi, good question, without checking the specific datasets here, in GaBi often avoided products and also multiple products occur since the datasets are aggregated life cycle models. Therefore, for GaBi, the "only link default providers" option should be selected when creating the product system, to prevent that "some" processes are linked that have a required product only as byproduct and result of a modeling.