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I'm curious if anyone else is having issues getting access to GaBi (now Sphera) datasets?  It seems like Sphera has put up a walled garden around their data and is unwilling to sell to new customers (at least here in the US).

Unfortunately, some US Product Category Rules (guidelines for writing Environmental Product Declarations using LCA models) specifically require GaBi data.

Any recommendations on a path forward?  Suggestions on GaBi LCA consulting groups to collaborate with?

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Well I think you can purchase GaBi data from Sphera, and then if you want to use openLCA (which this forum is about) then you can get the databases adapted to openLCA for a fee. Of course it is never good to prescribe one commercial product in a PCR I would say (which can lead to exactly the problems you mention; I cannot "reproduce" these though since we do not order GaBi licenses).
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Thanks Andreas.  I think the issue we're running into is best summarized as:
* Sphera now requires you to contact their Sales Team to purchase the GaBi dataset (at least in the US).
* Sphera sales appears to not respond to your request if they deem you a potential "competitor"

It now appears very difficult to acquire the GaBi dataset these days if you are a new customer.