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I am using several GaBi aggregate processes that have been exported as JSON-linked and imported into OpenLCA. I have checked that the output flows match the LCIA method that I am using.

When I run a report or calculate the product system, the imported processes are clearly connected in the "contribution tree" tab. However, the Carbon Dioxide flows nor any of the output flows from the system processes don't contribute to the total (in Reports, I have created a graph broken down by process contribution. The processes appear, but their contribution is zero.)

However, all of the processes I have created manually work just fine.

Is this a common issue or raise any obvious red flags as to the problem?
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Thank you all for your assistance. I forgot to circle back here. The problem was, as you implied, that the flows in my imported  processes did not match the flows that my LCIA method (ReCiPe) was looking for. I fixed it by modifying my process outputs to a matching flow in the LCIA method.

Thanks for this. As a first project in OpenLCA, it was a begginers oversight

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Hm, if you

checked that the output flows match the LCIA method

then either the method does not foresee characterisation factors <> 0 for your flows, or you do not have these output flows.

We are a bit at a loss since you did not reply which method you are using. Of course, for checking, you will need to consider the flow UUIDs and not the flow names; e.g. in the ecoinvent method package, there may be flows of the same name but with different UUID which will then not be considered in the LCIA calculation.