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I am using several GaBi aggregate processes that have been exported as JSON-linked and imported into OpenLCA. I have checked that the output flows match the LCIA method that I am using.

When I run a report or calculate the product system, the imported processes are clearly connected in the "contribution tree" tab. However, the Carbon Dioxide flows nor any of the output flows from the system processes don't contribute to the total (in Reports, I have created a graph broken down by process contribution. The processes appear, but their contribution is zero.)

However, all of the processes I have created manually work just fine.

Is this a common issue or raise any obvious red flags as to the problem?
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I can confirm this as  the other day I wanted to bring up to date my datasets and downloaded the updated GaBi DB SP36 and ecoinvent 3.4 from Nexus.
When this will be fixed? I face this same problem independently of the LCIA method.
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@johnpdees What exact LCIA method are you using? Can you please add that information to your question. Thanks

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