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Hello everyone,

I am interested in knowing the endpoint impacts (Ecosystem damage) of diverse goods and services for one institution. I am using Exiobase and Eco-indicator 99 (H/A) in openLCA ver 1.11.0. Considering construction, for instance, and after creating a product system (cut-off 1E-5), the results show that Damage to Ecosystem Quality caused by ecotoxic emissions (H.A) is of 0.00336 (PDF*m2*yr) per Euro. This result is very high compared with endpoint results of other LCIA implemented for Ecoinvent.

After currency transformation, If I consider the total expenditure for construction of one site and the Eco-Indicator 99 result, I obtained a total of 938 PDF*m2*yr per GBP. Can you explain how Eco-Indicator 99 was implemented for Exiobase in openLCA, please? Or do you know why is this result so large? Thank you in advance.
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