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In the context of carrying out an EPD, we encounter difficulties for the modeling of the module D.

Indeed we do not understand if

- Option 1: we need to build a scenario for our secondary materials. For example for incineration, estimate the heat and electrical energy produced from the incineration of our product?

- Option 2: there is a manipulation to be done in openLCA from steps A1-A3, A4-A5 and C1-C4. If yes which one ?

Do you have any information about this?


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Hi, basically, model the entire EPD as separate life cycle stages, each stage is one product system (or, each stage that you need to distinguish, so A1-A3 can be lumped together e.g.), and then make one "super" product system where the entirel life cycle is reflected, which contains these product stage product system. In D, model the credits from the system. You can couple flow amounts across product systems using parameters. We plan to have a webinar and more documentation about this once finally finally openLCA 2 is out - thank you!