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I have the following providers from EN15804 addon for econinvent

  1. treatment of waste concrete, not reinforced, collection for final disposal | waste concrete, not reinforced | EN15804, U
  2. treatment of waste concrete, not reinforced, sorting plant | waste concrete, not reinforced | EN15804, U
  3. treatment of waste concrete, inert material landfill | waste concrete | EN15804, U
  4. treatment of waste concrete, not reinforced, recycling | waste concrete, not reinforced | EN15804, U
I want to assign them to the modules C & D for an epd about concrete.
I think that they are as follows but I am not entirely sure:
  1. C1
  2. C3
  3. C4
  4. D
Can someone provide some insight?
Thanks a lot
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Hello again Giannis,

Nice to see that you are getting underway with EPD creation. I have some notes to the chosen processes.

1. In general you would go with a set distance for the disposal. Think of it like a scenario in classical LCA. Perhaps you would model 150 km to disposal, for a declared unit of 1 ton, equalling 150 tkm of transport with a representative transport process. This would be your C2. A general process might work, but is not as transparent.

2. I agree with your choices for C3 and C4.

3. Module D is avoided material or energy production, so the process of recycling does not fit into the process here. If the concrete is recycled, then the disposal process in C3 is the one you currently have chosen for D, without a C4 process. If the concrete is recycled into e.g. road gravel, then for module D you include the production of -1 tons of road gravel. This does not need to be produced now, as the concrete has been recycled to take its place. If your material is landfilled, there is nothing in module D.

I hope this helps, and good further luck
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Hello Giannis.
There are many things to consider when making an EPD. EN15804 gives some rules on allocation especially at the EoL, there are some rules in 14040/14044, and there are specific rules in PCR's from CEN/CENELEC. Specifically for concrete you must follow EN 16757:2022. I dont know this specific PCR, but perhaps you can find some guidance there.

An approach could be to ask what the general amount of recycled content is, in the product you are displacing. If the average content is 0, then you are only displacing virgin materials. Then the module would be that you produce -X kg of virgin displaced material.

If there generally is a degree of recycled material in the displaced product you displace X*Y kg of virgin material where Y is (1- % of recycled material in the product).
Giannis this is very technical. You will have an internal or external verifier to verify your EPD. I would recommend working closely with them, as they are LCA experts, and can answer all your questions. If you make a faulty EPD, they would anyway have to spend the hours on dialogue, commenting and review.