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I know that we can specify if a process is a Unit Process or a System Process on OpenLCA and I know how to do it. However I don't how to create a "sub process" that would be under a System Process. To better explain my self here is an image of what I want to do.

Processes A and B would be two "sub" Unit Processes and Process C would be a System Process. Then Process C could be used in a Product System without having to see its underlying Unit Processes, just the inputs and the ouputs.

If someone could help me out, I would be very grateful.



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My issue is that if I put the quantitave references of the "sub-processes" as inputs of another System Process, I don't know what to put as output of said process.

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You can link 'sub-processes' via adding their quantitative reference as an input for another process. Is that what you mean?