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I am creating epds for various different sectors of industry. I came to a stop regarding the unit and system processes

After researching I came to the conclusion, that when choosing a provider for a flow, whether you choose Cutoff, U or Cutoff S of the same provider, the results have to be the same.

When I tried this though with many different set of providers (set meaning U and S for the same provider) the results were not the same.

Can someone help me find the mistake? Are U and S not suppose to bring the same results? Or do I do something else wrong?

I have been using system processes for a long time and I am thinking of changing to U, so I can have a more clear picture of the Inputs and Outputs and not aggregated information.

I use the OpenLCA 1.11.0 and ecoinvent 3.8 and EuGeos 15804 v.4.1 databases. I also use the impact assessment method of EN_15804_A2_2020 to calculate the results.

Thank you for your time!
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