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I've just downloaded ecoinvent_v3_10_Cutoff_Unit_Processes_2024_01_22 and installed openLCA2.0.4 (I previously used 1.11 version).

When I perform a direct calculation of one process (market for transport, passenger car with internal combustion engine, which one probably doesn't matter) it takes too long; actually, I abort after more than 10 minutes.

I see (using htop) that openLCA is using only one core of the 8 available in my computer.

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS and I did not have this problem before (8 cores running with openLCA1.11).

What's wrong in my configuration? (I just changed memory up to 11 GB, and restarted).

Thanks in advance,

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Maybe you can send us details from you log files (for example if the MKL libraries are loaded or not), since we do not encounter any issues on Windows, MacOS and Linux (Ubuntu 22.04). All calculations are very fast for ecoinvent and multiple cores are used. I'm not sure if the reason is due to the older Ubuntu 20.04, but we can find it out.
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I installed openLCA2.0 in another computer with ubuntu 22.04 (wit only 4 cores and less memory) and worked fine. Actually, a really fast calculation!
I had that migration pending, I think it's time...
If I still have problems, I may visit you again.
Thanks for your help,