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In previous versions of OpenLCA (I am currently using 2.0.0), when I would expand the contribution tree and copy/paste results into Excel the indented structure of the contribution tree would transfer to Excel (as shown below). 

I could use this structure to develop a formula that would allow me to easily calculate contribution results for my product system. In the example above this would be subtracting the impact of upstream concrete, building, excavation and electricity inputs from my activated sludge process to determine impacts related specifically to activated sludge emissions. In newer versions of OpenLCA the structure of the %contribution values is collapsed making the described calculations much more laborious.

The Excel export feature does represent the indented structure (in a less useful notation), but it is a lot more cumbersome to use this feature and it can be very limiting to have to set a single "Max number of levels" as I often prefer to vary this depending on the process. 

I would love to find a better way to export contribution tree results in a way that allows me to easily calculate contribution results. Do others have suggestions?  

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This is the image referenced in the original post.