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Hi there,

I was disappointed to see that the most recent IPCC 2021 impact method released in the v.2.3.2 openLCIA method pack no longer includes a breakdown of fossil, biogenic, and LULUC emissions. My work involves the calculation of product carbon footprints following ISO 14067 which requires this breakdown. 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to manually subdivide the emissions by placing: all characterization factors with "biogenic" into a new biogenic impact category (essentially just methane flows); with "from soil or biomass stock", "to soil or biomass stock", and "land transformation" into a new LULUC impact category; and all others into a new fossil impact category? I don't know if some of the characterization factors with "to soil or biomass stock" should be included in the biogenic or LULUC impact category.

2. Are you planning to create a fossil, biogenic, and LULUC impact category for the IPCC 2021 impact method as has been done in the past?

Thank you!
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