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Does standadization means i take the impacts results with their respectives units?

And normalization i put them to the same scale ?
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Hi dfatim,

for normalisation, you will find some information here in our manual: https://greendelta.github.io/openLCA2-manual/lcia_methods/impact_methods_tab_contents.html under the Normalization/Weighting section. What normalisation itself is you will find in common LCA literature. For standardisation, I guess you refer to working with standard and mean deviation? The topic of uncertainties is covered in the openLCA manual here: https://greendelta.github.io/openLCA2-manual/advanced_top/monte_carlo.html. If you meant weighting, which is more common in the LCA world, you will find it in the Normalization/Weighting section.

Hope this helps