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this is a comment from a reviewer about what kind of electricity assumed in the ecoinvent database?

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Ah - well you see the different processes proving electricity in the ecoinvent database, these are specific sources.

Edit due to your comment: so e.g. here are some processes that all deliver electricity high voltage:

and you see these as providers for electricity in a process:

These processes are the source of the electricity.

I hope this helps!

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so your question is whether e.g. photovoltaic electricity production is renewable or fossil? Ok, oil e.g. is fossil, photovoltaic is not fossil.
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Hello Rana,

As i understand your question, an external reviewer asked about the source of electricity in an LCA/EPD/PCF you have created?

In order to understand the source better, you can go into the unit process of the specific electricity process you have chosen in the analysis. E.g. market for electricity, medium voltage, is a mix of several sources.

Som electricity processes like the one Andreas suggested, is single source (photovoltaic, hydropower, oli, coal, etc.). For those processes the answer to the reviewer is the single source.

If it is a mixed process, you need to investigate.

For the future, it is easier to help you if you state the following:

- Database version

- Specific process you are interested in help with

- Perhaps a picture of your product system.

Good luck, I hope this helped.
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