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The master's thesis project aims to compare a carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite with a hemp fiber biocomposite. The objective is to analyze the main performance and sustainability indicators to determine the advantages and disadvantages of each material, with a particular focus on the reasons why to choose the hemp fiber biocomposite.
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Hello Gabriele,

This is not a question. Do you also have a question?

Also, it is not good practice to say that you want the bio-fiber to be better beforehand, and that this is the goal of the assessment. I am expecting that several impact categories such as land use, and possibly ecotoxicity and eutrophication (especially if the hemp is grown conventionally) will be more impactful for the hemp fibre.

Remember that LCA is nuanced, and you need a way to navigate these nuances.
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I would need a hand to use the OpenLCA program and try to understand what kind of flows and processes to use regarding the output of the CFRP fibers