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I was performing the LCA for PET bottles and imported the Ecoinvent database into the OpenLCA software. I understood all the steps well, but at the end, when 'create system' and click on the 'Calculate' button for 1000 PET bottles, they didn't have any Impact Assessment method in their database. So, I installed some impact assessment methods database. However, when I tried to import it, it was imported as standalone data, and I didn't get an option to import it into the Ecoinvent3_1_allocation_default database. Now I don't understand why I'm getting that import* option. Is it a software problem or something else? How can I fix that?

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Our usual LCIA methods are provided as JSON-LD zip archive, but if you are rather importing the methods from a database, use the "import entire database" option for your ecoinvent 3.1, this will bring the database with impact methods into your ecoinvent database: