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I know there's another quastion asking the same, but i want to know if there are any news about that, and, as replyed previusly, how can we collaborate to implement such kind of support.

thank you
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Should be supported be openLCA ≥1.7.2.

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This indeed is supported in openLCA 1.7.2, because we use a new powerful numerical library now which supports that, albeit of course not all parts of the calculation have been rewritten.
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OK, thank you, I will try it.
To give you a suggestion, just now I've seen the new version is ready to download, until today i was thinking the 1.7.0 was the last version available, so could be useful a way to notify about new updates.
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Obviously, we notify about openLCA updates. I added information on this to my answer above. I hope it helps.
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