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I hope the question haven`t been asked before, I didn`t find anything on the forum.

Here is my question : I want to use a complex process (many many many flows) developed on OpenLCA with EcoInvent V2 in a LCA project I modeled on OpenLCA 1.4 with EcoInvent V3. I tried to import the json export in my model but the process doesn`t appear, only few flows.

Is it possible to make it work, and if yes how?

Thanks in advance for the help !

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Hi Anne,
I am not too sure about openLCA 1.4 but in 1.6.3 and better even 1.7, you should be able to import the process; the JSON-LD has been extended in the later versions. What the released openLCA version so far does not contain is an option to overwrite, add as copy, or similar, this will be included in 1.7 (non-beta) which we will release next week. This could be useful if you have a product flow with different flow property in the ei 2 process.
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Thank you Anne for this addition. You are right. in case you have a product system that contains all your processes, then you can also directly import this since it will also import the processes.
Best wishes