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In SimaPro there are checks where you can see which flows are characterized or not characterized after running the impact assessment method. At the same place as the results and everything.

Characterized = a flow that has been included in the calculation of an indicator (or impact category) = assigned to a characterization factor ; not characterized =  a flow that was not included in the calculation of an indicator (or impact category) = not assigned to a characterization factor. Ideally, all the necessary flows are characterized at some point. So knowing which flow was characterized / not characterized should help determine if everything has been accounted for in the calculation.

Is it possible to do that in OpenLCA or is it under development?

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Could you add to your question what exactly you mean with "characterized"? For users who are only familiar with openLCA, this may not be clear.
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hope my explanations helped!
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I have changed my answer ;-)

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This will be supported with the newest version of openLCA which we will release in a couple of days .... > openLCA 1.7.4